Matt is the kind of lawyer who cares about his clients, which seems to be a more and more rare thing to find these days. He thinks outside of the box and does absolutely everything in his power to make sure the needs of his clients are met... and then some. I will never go with another lawyer.

Thank you so much, Matt!

Sheryl F.,

Former Client

Matt is full of integrity and loyalty, he stands right up for what he believes. Amazing lawyer who will not quit on you. He cares about justice and will do what it takes to protect everyone. My family adores him and will not ever call someone else!

Tara C.,

Former client

I cannot think of a better defense counsel to be at your side during trying times in life. Matt DeVore stood by me, made sure I understood the process of trial, and was able to get me back to a normal life. His vast knowledge is only outweighed by his compassion for his clients.

Lindsey D.,

former client

I wish I could explain how great of a job Mr. DeVore did defending me in Magistrate Court. I started out with another attorney and later switched to Mr. DeVore. I spoke to him on the phone, he read the details of my case, and all charges were dropped before I had the chance to shake his hand.

Brandon C.,

former client

I brag about Matt and his amazing work still to this day! He is amazing with helping those who have been falsely accused. He was my Godsend.

Cassandra C.,

former client

I worked alongside Matt when he was an attorney at Legal Aid of West Virginia. Matt is an excellent attorney who truly cares about the well-being of his clients. Being an attorney is more than just a job to him. Matt has the utmost respect for the judicial system. He will go above and beyond to uphold justice while at the same time being empathetic to the needs of his clients.

Clarissa Hannah,

Domestic Violence Advocate

As the legal profession is criticized and belittled on many fronts, Mr. DeVore gives me great confidence that the best days of our great profession are still ahead.

Dana K. Cole, Associate Professor,

University of Akron School of Law